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Purchase a copy of my debut poetry collection Up.W(o/a)rds, enlisting NYC's Times Square as lens and muse for how we see ourselves, and ourselves in our wor(l)ds. 

Watch the trailer for the Adam Holoubek film, LENS-MUSE (2020), based on selections from Up.W(o/a)rds. 

A companion EP 'The LENS-MUSE Suite' is in production.

upwoards feemster

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S. L. Feemster’s ConFront(ed) was developed in collaboration between multi-city physical theatre collective Aura CuriAtlas; reimagining physical theatre storytelling in a digital theatre landscape. Framed by a trip-hop soundscape, a collaboration with producer E.J. “dxmigno” Markland, Aura CuriAtlas presented this devised digital-physical work crafted around the observations of nine bodies and their motions. S. L. Feemster’s ConFront(ed) invites you into the solitude of our waking conversations, absorbed and distilled; connecting to our bodies and our wor(l)ds. With performers across the continental U.S., S. L. Feemster’s ConFront(ed) joins self-documented performances for a renewed look at our common force(s.) S. L. Feemster's ConFront(ed) premiered June 2021, and restreamed in 2022. 

S. L. Feemster's ConFront(ed) is currenly streaming on Patreon. 

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