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Very excited to have been featured as a guest blogger for TedxLincolnSquare. Thank you for reading the excerpt below and clicking through for the full piece!

‘Looking Beyond,’ has a pretty short shelf life, depreciating in its illusive ‘value’ almost immediately. Looking beyond _____? Name it, and we know. Name it, and there is less of it. Less beyond. Less unfamiliar. Concepts become comprehensible. Attainable. Concepts come into now. Capable. The realm of rational and capability expands, again. New mental space to fill. New beyond. Those who grow, cultivate a habit: ‘Looking, be/yond.’ Beyond teachings. Be/yond sight. Beyond stunted understanding. Be/yond (visions/context.) ‘Beyond’ as a place of contextual understanding(./?)

Looking: often defaulted as forward. An exclusive implication(./?) Looking in what direction? Looking beyond (what/where)? Beyond boundaries? Current station? Beyond (projection/past)? Looking beyond (demands/comprehension)? Looking beyond (test/check) point? :: To (look beyond/ take stock). ‘Beyond’ as a point fixed, relative to current station(./?)

Default: what often takes over instead of (intentionally) directional intentionality in which to foray with ravenous curiosity(./??) Comprehension of task and purpose share the (clues/signs) waiting in be/yond: re-gifting us our lessons. Lessons thought completed, offer (unseen/additional) (solution/conclusion:) solutions with dimensional understanding. Comprehension in new context. Revealed. ‘Beyond:’ past the point of current contextual comprehension.

When we invoke ‘looking beyond,’ we may evision standing on the edge of what we know, looking over into the abyss, unafraid of the unknown or; unaffected by the unknown possibility of the unknown. When we ‘look beyond’:

1 We acknowledge what we do not know, and request encounter.

2 Experience is bestowed, if the encounter request is honored.*

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